Transcranial magnetic stimulation can be a life-changing depression treatment

Transcranial magnetic stimulation can be a life-changing depression treatment

Want to get out of depression? Confused about selecting the right treatment? If you can see in the market there are so many medications, treatment and self-help for depression are available. Selecting one from these options might be tough cause for you.

Depression treatment can give you a new life:

First of all, we need to understand why depression treatment should be taken at times. A minute when you feel you are depressed your life changes. You go whatever you want to do, people don’t give you that much time because they think they are boring. It can ruin your entire life. So it is very important to find the best treatment for depression. A treatment which is made for you because every individual needs different care this care you can get from an ideal treatment center.

What is TMS and how it works?

People who are suffering from depression disability take greater but many times the medication or psychotherapy doesn’t work for an individual. For this kind of people, the doctors suggest TMS. This treatment is highly effective and also called shock treatment. It directly affects your brain through electrical stimulation. In this treatment, a specialist connects cables to your head and lets the patient sit on the chair. And when the cables are connected he starts giving magnetic pulse to different parts of your brain. In every session, the doctor will apply this electromagnetic field on your head.

TMS is a value of money treatment!

Any individual thinks a thousand times before investing in a health treatment because it is such an effective thing for anyone. Depression is a disorder which comes from many factors like it can be a genetic issue, family problem or physiology. Traditional methods do not work every time for some reason. Therefore, you should go for modern technology that is transcranial magnetic stimulation. If you want a treatment worth money then this one is the ideal option for you.

Comparison between TMS and treatment:

According to the research, it is said that only 50 per cent of depression survival gets relief by medication and any depression treatment. This kind of treatment can affect your life and body in such ways as Weight gain, Nausea, Headache, Irritability Blurred vision etc. In the case of TMS, the chances of getting relief from the depression are high and the most important thing is, no drug will be injected in your body tissue as like other treatments. It just applies stimulation to normalize and reset your brain.

How much time does it take to recover from depression?

This treatment can last long for months. It is basically up to you how you take it and how powerful your depression is. The response of TMS can be seen in 3 to 4 week when you take treatments weekly and you really want to change your life unless it is a waste of time. Generally, after 10 to 20 treatments, you can get relief from depression and it will last approximately 6 months.

How to prepare for TMS?

If we talk about the cost of this treatment it is generally expensive because the doctor used highly modern machines. But there is not so much stress of money because so many health insurance policies cover the TMS treatment. Before going for treatment, take an insurance policy. Second, ly it doesn’t use anaesthesia in your body so you don’t need someone to pick you or drop you to your home.

Consult to your doctor if;

Also, you have to go through lab tests or physical exams and physical evaluation so that the doctor can judge or discuss your depression. This will make sure you know whether this treatment is safe for you or not. If you have any other health-related things like you have a metal device in your body or you are pregnant, having other medication etc.

After the TMS continues sessions if l feel your health is improving and you are fine then the doctor will suggest you take some other medication for ongoing treatment. After a certain period if you feel the symptoms again then you can go for this treatment again it is called re-induction.